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Dice Craps Tuition

OK, you've seen it in the movies, you might have seen it for real in a casino, but Mock Vegas are sure that to the uninitiated you would have thought "What the hell is going on?!"

What are boxcars?

What are Place Bets and No Numbers?

Why do the other players getting upset with me when I try and make a bet in the Field?

What is  the Field?!!

Why has that croupier got a stick?!

Why did James Bond say "For the boys"?

Mock Vegas can help!

A Dice table can be an intimidating place, so before you go on that Vegas trip why not perhaps spend an informal evening with friends learning that casino game that looks so cool? 

With over 25 years experience dealing and supervising Dice tables in London and the Bahamas our Mock Vegas Tutor can teach you everything you need to know from when to throw the dice to when to take your numbers down (whatever that means!).

This is a very informal service. Our tutor will bring a Dice/Craps layout (cloth), gaming chips and other equipment to your home or other venue and guide you through the game, the bets, terminology, and even the etiquette of the Dice table. No need to dress up, you can have your own personal tuition or get some friends together for a fun and unusual evening. You get 2 hours tuition, by which time you will be able to tell your Pass Line from your Don't Come!

The cost of 2 hours tuition is £100 for up to 10 people (there may be a fuel supplement payment if the location is outside the South East). 

Obviously, Mock Vegas can't guarantee you'll win if play for real, but at least you'll know why 'Odds Behind' is a much better bet than the 'Big Six or Eight'. 

If you're interested and would like to know more, or just ask a question, please visit our contact page.