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Like ‘Pontoon’ or ‘21’ the idea is to get as near to 21 points as possible. All picture cards count as 10 points. Go over 21 and you’ve ‘bust’. You are only playing against the dealers’ hand, not every other player on the table. The dealer has to keep drawing cards until at least a total of 17 has been reached by them, but players can stop on any total they like.


The popular Texas Hold’em format as seen on TV where two cards are dealt to each player who keep their hand out of sight. Five more community cards are then dealt face up, exposed to all players. Betting is in stages. Who is bluffing? Can the other guy really have the Flush? Is her hand so good she’s gone 'All In'?! A game of nerve, strategy, psychology, but most of all FUN!


This is a faster, easier and straightforward way to understand and play poker. Played on a blackjack style table, players make an initial 'ante' bet, then are dealt five cards each including the croupier. Each player is only trying to beat the croupier's hand (which has one card showing), not any other players. The player can fold, and lose their ante bet, or 'raise', which is always twice the ante bet. Once all players have decided to raise or fold, the croupier flips their five cards. If the croupier has better than Ace/King, they have qualified and will see if any players hand has beaten the House. If a player has a better hand than the croupier, they are paid set odds (even mony for a pair, 2 - 1 for two pair, 8- 1 for a straIght, and so on). If the croupier has no value in their hand then every player wins even money (1 - 1) on their ante bet only.


‘Place your bets!’ Players place their chips on favourite numbers or try and figure out where the ball will drop next. The brave will go for bets on single numbers (straight up) paying out higher odds, while the cautious play the outside even chances bets like Red or Black, Odd or Even.

Either way, it’s an easy game to play and loads of fun!


Just like all those Vegas films, here’s your chance to play it for ‘real’! It takes a little longer to catch on how to play, but once you do you’ll find out what all the shouting is about in those movie scenes. The ‘Shooter’ throws those ‘bones’ right down the table. Players spread their bets over the numbers that can come up as a total with two dice. Every time those numbers hit, you win!! But watch out for ‘Seven out’! Ever wondered what ‘Snake Eyes’ or ‘Box Cars’ are? What a crap bet is? Now’s your chance to find out for free before that Vegas trip!