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MOCK VEGAS! isn't like other fun casino firms. We take great pride in the events we run and are always...

  • offering  a friendly, personal service. If you're not sure about any aspect of a fun casino, just call us! Mock Vegas are a small business, which means you get consistancy - you won't have to explain who you are every time you call.
  • professionally staffed with experienced croupiers. Our founder has 30 years experience behind the tables!
  • reliable, arriving early with plenty of time to set up without getting in your way
  • high quality with our own purpose-built tables, equipment and casino chips
  • well groomed croupiers in evening wear unless you request otherwise - theme nights accomodated!
  • great value!
  • fully insured


A significant proportion of our business is generated by word of mouth, recommendations from clients and their guests, that's why we give you the best possible casino experience via our service, equipment and price.